Hi! I’m Taylor.

I’m an Advertising graduate from the University of Texas at Austin. In school, I sharpened skills like copywriting, immersive experience design, entrepreneurship, and creative strategy.

At UT, I worked as the Student Marketer for the Information Security Office. (Check out the Twitter game I made last year for students to learn cybersafety as McConaughey’s Assistant!) It was an amazing job that taught me a bunch about social media, web design, event planning, and much more (even lockpicking.) I’m also a part-time Assistant Project Manager for a local tech company where I’m learning a lot about leadership and workflow management.

I love catching frogs, playing the Sims, baking pies, and exploring new cities. 

What I’m Watching: Hallmark Christmas Movies!
What I’m Reading: Little Women
What I’m Listening To: Greta Van Fleet