Hi! I’m Taylor.

Taylor is known for being two things: clever and eccentric. A very bright, top-of-her-class intellect with a bizarre and whimsical interior, Taylor approaches challenges in ways no one else does. She looks at writing (and life) like puzzles to be solved. With a little bit of pacing, some grease for the mind’s gears, and her trusty sidekick, thesaurus.com, she will chip away at a creative problem until the glorious masterpiece within is ready to be birthed. A hard worker and keen thinker, her creative strategy and entrepreneurship experience, combined with top-notch copywriting skills from the University of Texas, produces one-of-a-kind work. (She’s got the awards to prove it!)

Outside work, she is a Stardew Valley legend, home DIYer, community theatre actress, overly sentimental scrapbooker, wannabe playwright, benevolent Sims god, second-grade level pianist, poet, aspirational miniature maker, game night hostess, and you get the picture. A doer of many things.

See work samples here, then get in touch! She can’t wait to write for you!

Watching: Stardew Valley tips videos
Reading: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins
Listening To: So Much (For) Stardust - Fall Out Boy