Those bright yellow books that teach you everything from Excel to Ghost Hunting.

I did creative strategy and copywriting on this campaign for Texas Creative Portfolio 3. This campaign was done in tandem with Texas Media and Analytics, whose media plan got us started!

Media Team: Nicole Vidal & Nura Bawab
Art Director:
June Chen

Insight: Learning how to be an adult is hard to do on your own.

Strategy: Stop Failing Life.

The laundry list of things you should have learned in school is way too long, and now you’re 23 and barely making it. But it’s not your fault you’re dumb; it’s the system that’s dumb. The A’s you got in school don’t translate to a successful life.

For Dummies is prepared to take you by the hand and lead you to competence, step by step. We’re not leaving until you’re prepared to pass the Test of Life.



Share your “report card” on social and seehow your life GPA compares
to your friends!




Billboards in targeted locations that
give young adults relevant tips on
how to best succeed in life.


For Dummies will set these bins up outside of high
schools / universities at the end of the school year
to make useful of the useless.



If we see someone who needs an extra
lesson, we’re there for them. Office
hours are always in the School of Life.


Acceptance letter to life + Adulting
for Dummies booklet with intro-level
information on “adulting” will be
mailed to recent grads.

It will also be available for free via QR
code to those who buy relevant Dummies
books - to encourage them to keep learning more.


Quick and dirty life lessons posted and highlighted on Instagram.


Your locker in highschool never held too much importance, but these lockers contain everything you need to know to “adult”.

Lockers to be placed in bookstores as a Point of Purchase Display.